Thursday, December 29, 2016

Coach X Holiday

I hope you all are having a great holiday and are spending time with your family and friends. Since holiday season is here, I am sure that many of you will be going to some upcoming holiday parties and will need some outfit ideas to get you through them. I am so honored to be given the opportunity to partner with Coach to do a post on this amazing Saddle Bag 23 in the maroon color. I love this bag because it is such a versatile piece. You can either wear is as a crossbody or as a shoulder bag. There is also a ton of room in the bag itself and it has two compartments which is perfect for you guys who love to stay super organized. The bag itself is made of a glovetanned leather which is soft yet durable which makes it perfect to travel with. The color options are endless but I love this color in particular for the Fall and Winter seasons.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear an embroidered top from Forever 21. I love this top because it looks much more expensive than it actually is (only $18!). To make the look a bit more on the edgier side, I decided to wear these ripped hem jeans that are very easy to DIY, as well as these block heel shoes from Zara. Due to the red flowers in the shirt as well as the maroon colored lipstick. The bag popped out even more and became the star of the show. This will be my go to bag from now on and it should be yours too. Hope you all enjoy this outfit!


    Monday, December 19, 2016

    Sophisticated Florals

    Like every other college student out there, finals week is finally over and it's time to have some fun! Since finals week can be such a stressful time, I haven't been able to do many posts but I am back and ready to show you all some fun outfits for the Winter season. Today I wanted to be slightly casual and sophisticated, yet still make a statement. This shirt from Zara was the perfect fit because it is a button down but due to the floral prints, it becomes a super fun shirt to style. I decided to pair these gold loafers from Topshop with it because I felt that it brought out all of the vibrant embroidery on the shirt. I love that this shirt can be worn in both the Winter and Spring/Summer time because of the way it can be paired with different items!


      Sunday, December 4, 2016

      Free in Florals

      Floral prints are always in no matter what time of the year it is. I love Free People for my floral printed items because they have a ton in different colors. This tunic can be worn as either a shirt or a dress but to keep it a bit more modest, I decided to pair some jeans as well as over the knee boots with it. I love this tunic because it is super comfortable and can be worn either in the Winter or the Summer!


      Friday, December 2, 2016

      Cozy in Faux Fur

      It's starting to get very cold here in the DC area. This calls for warm and fuzzy jackets and vests! Sometimes it can be a bit hard to dress cute in the Winter because of how cold it gets and your only option ends up being a puffy coat and a beanie. However, this is why these cute faux fur vests and jackets were invented. Since the vest is a plain cream color, it's very easy to layer pieces underneath it. But to add some interest, it's fun to add something patterned so that the outfit "pops"a bit more. This is why I decided to add a plaid shirt to layer underneath. For accessories, I wore these super fun earrings from Kendra Scott that look a bit like snowflakes which I thought was very appropriate for this Winter inspired outfit.


        Sunday, November 27, 2016

        The Tee Shirt Dress

        Who doesn't love a good tee shirt dress? I purchased mine from a brand called LuLaRoe. I love this brand because of what it stands for, which is loving yourself no matter what your body type is. As a young woman, I tend to have my insecurities just like every girl out there. LuLaRoe wants girls to feel comfortable, yet look cute at the same time and I love that about them. My cousins recently opened up a local boutique in their town called My Best Friend's Closet and it is simply adorable! They sell many LuLaRoe items as well as accessories and custom made pieces. The dress that I am wearing is called the Carly dress and it comes in a ton of different colors and sizes. Make sure to check out their website by clicking here so that you can see what they are all about!

        I love this tee shirt dress in particular because it has a very modest length. It is also super soft and loose fitting which is key in the Fall and Winter seasons. I decided to pair the dress with these over the knee boots to give it a slight edgy vibe as well as to add some extra warmth. To top it all off, I accessorized with this cute floppy hat as well as a necklace. I hope you all love this outfit as much as I do!


          Wednesday, November 23, 2016

          A Pop of Peplum

          I remember a few years back when the peplum style first came out. It was everywhere and on every piece of clothing such as blouses, dresses, and skirts. The peplum style is very flattering because it hides the areas that some girls might be trying to cover up (especially after eating a big meal LOL). Ever since this style came out, it never really left because of the flattering silhouette it offers. Another trend that I have seen a lot of over this past year are over-exaggerated sleeves. This blouse from Free People has everything that I love in a blouse. Peplum and puffy sleeves! The best part is that it comes in a ton of different colors. It's also much less expensive than other items at Free People which is awesome if you love the brand but can't afford the prices.

          I decided to go with this shade in particular because it is a very neutral color and can basically go with anything in your wardrobe. It is a very over-sized shirt and that is what I love most about it because it hides everything that I want to be hidden, but is still a fun and flattering piece on the body. I decided to go for a very neutral outfit overall with a touch of maroon in my necklace and lipstick. This is the perfect outfit for those girls who want to look boho chic while still being casual during this Fall season!


            Saturday, November 19, 2016

            The Bomber

            I have seen bomber jackets popping up everywhere this year. They come in a variety of styles, shades, and patterns. I love the bomber jacket for this reason because there is a style for just about everyone to choose from. Rose gold is a gorgeous color all year round, but it looks amazing during the Fall season when layered with other pieces. This bomber jacket caught my eye because of the satin finish as well as the lace up details on the sleeve which gives the jacket an edgy touch. I also loved the length of this jacket which is perfect for those modest fashionistas out there that want to look trendy, yet still be modest while doing so. This bomber jacket is from Carli Bybel's collection on Missguided and unfortunately it is currently sold out but Missguided tends to be good about restocking items fast so make sure to keep checking if you do like this item!

            I wanted this outfit to look very edgy and chic so I decided to pair my Adidas tee shirt, as well as my Adidas sneakers with it to create the vibe I was going for. This tee shirt was perfect because of the rose gold details on the shirt itself. There are many ways to wear this dress and you can either dress it up or down depending on what you layer with it underneath. To create a dressier look, go for a cute slip dress underneath or opt out the sneakers with some classic heels instead. Also Missguided ALWAYS does sales on their website so I recommend to never buy anything full price from there because I guarantee it will eventually go on sale!


            Sunday, November 13, 2016

            Winter Wonderland

            People tend to wear many dark colors around this time of year. Although I love wearing the darker shades, sometimes it can get a little gloomy for me. To combat this, I love to bring out some lighter tones such as creams and pastel colors to lighten the mood. This outfit was inspired by the Winter season because it reminded me so much of the snow and an actual Winter Wonderland! Pleated skirts have been a huge trend this year and they will still be going strong within the upcoming seasons. I bought mine on sale from Topshop but they can be found just about anywhere.

            This adorable pom pom sweater is from Banana Republic and I got it for 50% off! I loved this one in particular because it was a little unique due to the pom poms but also nothing too crazy because it is in a simple cream color. This outfit is super fun to wear either in the day time or even for a date night around town.


              Thursday, November 10, 2016

              Chunky Cardigans

              It's gorgeous outside today and so I decided to add some Fall colors into my outfit. Like for many others, chunky cardigans are my best friend during the Fall and Winter seasons. They can be layered very easily and they give just the perfect amount of warmth during the cooler months. I purchased this Topshop cardigan during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and unfortunately it is not available anymore. However, I will link some similar options that can easily give you the same look. This look can be easily done because all you need is a white tee shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, some booties and a chunky cardigan. There are so many ways to change up this outfit by just changing up the color of your shirt or your jeans as well as the cardigan itself. It is an outfit that anyone and everyone can wear!


              Thursday, November 3, 2016

              Pretty Purses

              In the past year, I have become more and more obsessed with purses. Whether they're from YSL or Forever 21, purses can make a great difference in your outfit. By just changing up the purse you wear, your outfit can go from super casual to super chic. Statement purses are a huge trend right now and I see them staying for quite a while. From Velvet to Faux Fur, there is something for everybody. I got this gorgeous floral print purse from Zara. I instantly fell in love with it because one, it gave me total Gucce vibes and two, it's floral print and I love everything floral!

              Since the purse was a bit loud, I decided to wear a simple neutral colored outfit with it. However to tie in with the gold accents on the purse, I decided to wear these super cool gold loafers from Topshop. These shoes are awesome because it's something kind of unexpected yet very trendy and looks high fashion. Again these shoes gave me total Gucci vibes without the Gucci price tag. You can easily make your look more expensive by just getting some trendier pieces that look similar to high end designer items but for a fraction of the cost.


              Saturday, October 29, 2016

              Velvet Velour

              I love high fashion but I don't always have the money to spend on it. That's why Zara is the perfect place to go for higher end looking pieces at an affordable price. Velvet is a huge trend this Fall and I am in love with it! It comes in everything from dresses, shirts, shoes, and purses. I bought this velvet dress from Zara and it is super comfortable and cozy. It's even versatile because you can pull the dress up to make it look more like a sweatshirt. I will be having some more Velvet posts coming up soon so stay tooned!

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