Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lacey Details

Lace details are one of my favorite fabrics to play around with. It adds a very feminine touch to every outfit and it can be worn all year round. I feel that lace can work with pretty much anyone's style because there are so many different styles of lace itself. I loved this blouse in particular because of the beautiful sleeves. I have not seen many tops with these kind of sleeves and I love how wing-like they look. Just like my last post, this blouse is from Altar'd state and I got it on a major sale. A top that used to be $70 ended up being $20. I highly suggest that you can go check out this store if you are looking for a girlier style.

These photos were taken by a gorgous blogger named Helena Tewolde. Click here to check out her amazing blog and photos! One tip for all you fellow bloggers is to collaborate with others as much as you can. It helps you get your name out there and make some amazing connections and even close friends because of it. Hope you all like this outfit!


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