Saturday, June 10, 2017

Light & Airy

Kimono season is back and honestly better than ever. I have been loving all of the new styles of kimonos that have recently popped up in stores. They are the perfect layering piece to wear with a shirt, dress, shorts and even a bathing suit. I recently found a ton of new styles of kimonos at Forever 21 all in the $20 range. I've had some hit or miss moments at Forever 21 over the past few years because I felt their style started to change a lot, but they have been killing it this season with all of their fun and trendy pieces.

For today, I decided to style this kimono with a simple shirt and jeans. Since the kimono has burnt orange flower details on it I decided to wear a shirt to bring out those colors more. To make the outfit feel more light, I wore white jeans and these tan sandals. I love this kimono in particular because of the silky texture it has even though it is just a cotton material. Because of this, it really dresses up the outfit. I decided to stay simple with accessories by wearing this little Y necklace, my vintage watch, and this white purse.


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