Monday, September 18, 2017

Feelin' 22

I am finally able to use this T-Swift lyric for myself LOL. I feel like this past year has just flown by and just life itself has flown by so fast. As i've grown older, my birthday festivities have grown smaller which I feel happens with most people with age. This year, I decided to hang out with a few of my closest friends and just go into DC to shop, walk around, and of course take some blog photos. My best friend Imaan and I decided to try out a new bakery called Ladurée which is known for their teas and delicious macaroons.


I felt that my outfit went perfectly with the cute bakery setting. This year I decided to wear a very girly, yet sophisticated outfit. I find that ASOS has a lot of great pieces for this kind of style and that is where I found the cutest pink jumpsuit. The only thing about this jumpsuit was that is was very long but because of the wraparound tie, I was able to pull up the jumpsuit a bit to fit me better. I have been seeing cape styled blazers just about everywhere for the past 2-3 years but I had never had one of my own. I found a cute yet very affordable one from Boohoo. They always have a promotion going on on their website so NEVER buy anything on there for full price. Since I was wearing pretty solid colors for clothing, I wanted to bring in a bit of a statement which I decided to do with my shoes and purse. I actually purchased these shoes knowing I wanted to wear it with this look but I had the hardest time finding the perfect bag. I decided to just settle for my blush cross-body but then I remembered just not too long ago, I purchased this Ted Baker bag.  It was the perfect fit for this look and I loved the way the outfit turned out! As for accessories, I went with my trusty Kendra Scott pieces and wore my rose gold necklace and bracelet.

The thing is, I feel that this outfit looks a bit more expensive but it wasn't actually a splurge outfit. If you just search online enough for some good deals I guarantee you that you will find tons of things. I used my student discount on ASOS, a 50% coupon on Boohoo, a $5 coupon at DSW and I got this purse on sale. Let me know if you all would like a separate post on just my tips and tricks on how to shop on a budget and I will be more than glad to do so. I hope you love this look!






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