Friday, December 15, 2017

Florals in Winter

Okay not gonna lie, I practically froze to death while taking these photos. It has been freezing cold here in the Washington DC area which makes me want to just cuddle up in bed and do absolutely nothing at all. However, I've had some cute Fall/Winter outfits that I've been wanting to wear out and I finally have been able to get the chance to. Winter florals are a huge trend this year and they come in all different color ways. The most popular ones have been florals on a black backdrop to darken the style. I loved this dress in particular because of that reason, plus it's loose and comfy which is perfect for all those holiday dinners you might be going to (and all those yummy gingerbread cookies you'll be eating).

I've been loving the Gucci belt trend, but definitely can't afford one for myself. So I improvised with this gold buckle one from Primark for $5! Since the dress is so loose, I felt I really needed some definition in my waste to not look like a potato (lol). I also thought this cabby hat would be the perfect accessory since it creates a bit of a Parisian vibe.


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