Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Miami! Part I

I had the amazing opportunity to be able to go on a small trip to Miami! I had never been there before but I had always wanted to go because of all the amazing things I heard about it. Although it was a very short trip, it was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back again! Once we got off the airport, we left for our hotel. We stayed at the cutest place called the Whitelaw Hotel. It was on the street right behind the road with the beach. We were so worried that the weather would be gloomy, but it ended up being so sunny and beautiful!

I had such a great photoshoot my first day there with a photographer named Annabel Mejia. You can check out her work by clicking here!

Afterwards, we went to eat at a delicious Cuban restaurant called Puerto Sagua. I got a delicious shrimp dish and then for dessert, tres leches. Guys, the tres leches here in the DC area does not even compare to the one there! I dream about it all the time LOL.

We finally got to the beach and it was so beautiful and calm to just be able to sit and relax there.

As for my outfit, I wanted to go with something "beachy". I kept picturing wearing a red polka dot dress with these funky white sunglasses and I had finally found the look I was going for! This maxi dress is one of the most comfortable dresses I own and I did not even feel very hot in it because of how airy it is.

I actually had a bit of a malfunction with my sunglasses and bag because I forgot both at home. Fortunately, there were a ton of stores right next to our hotel and I was able to find the same pair of sunglasses to wear with my look. I of course had a to wear one of my straw bags to finish off the look and I love how it turned out overall!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my trip!


Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Pop of Pink

Pink is probably one of my staple colors in my wardrobe now. This color looks great on every skin tone and I feel that it gives a nice glow to the face. Madewell recently did an extra 50% off their sale items and I ended up getting this top for $10! (I know right, at Madewell!). Right when I saw this top I immediately knew what kind of look I wanted to go for. These white pants have been going with just about everything in my wardrobe but I especially love how they look with crop tops. For more modest dressers, crop tops are usually a big no no but when teamed with super high waisted loose pants like these, you're able to rock a crop top too!

Since I was going with a pink theme in this look, I wanted to wear these cute pink block heels to balance out the color of the top. I actually got these heels for $20 from Macy's and I have been wearing them non-stop! They are super comfortable and go with everything. Since the weather is warmer, I of course had to pair my fave straw bag to create a more beachy vibe for the look. I topped off my outfit with my favorite earrings and trusty gold watch.

This look would be perfect for brunch with the girls or just hanging out downtown on a sunny day!


Friday, June 8, 2018

Chambray Culottes

I feel like chambray has been around for years and years now, yet it keeps coming back each year in fun ways! Funky pants have been a huge trend throughout 2018, and they aren't going anywhere this Summer either. I love wearing flowy pants during this time of year because they look super cute, and keep you cool in the Summer heat. You can also easily dress them up or down depending on the style you're going for! Like I've talked about in my previous posts, Forever 21 has been killing it lately with all their new pieces. You can find such great high end dupes for $20-$30!

That's where I found these gorgeous chambray pants. They are so lightweight and not to mention super comfortable. I wanted to go for a very light look with these pants, so I chose this pretty eyelet top to go with it. I love eyelet tops because of how feminine they are! With this top, I found the most perfect shoes to tie in the outfit. These pearl slides are from Macy's and they were about $30! So many designers have been coming out with shoes like these, but for something so trendy it's best to find a good dupe.

For accessories, I went with my blush pink crossbody to bring in some more color and of course my trusty gold earrings and watch! I'd love to know if any of you gals decide to rock the chambray trend this season too!

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