Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pretty Purses

In the past year, I have become more and more obsessed with purses. Whether they're from YSL or Forever 21, purses can make a great difference in your outfit. By just changing up the purse you wear, your outfit can go from super casual to super chic. Statement purses are a huge trend right now and I see them staying for quite a while. From Velvet to Faux Fur, there is something for everybody. I got this gorgeous floral print purse from Zara. I instantly fell in love with it because one, it gave me total Gucce vibes and two, it's floral print and I love everything floral!

Since the purse was a bit loud, I decided to wear a simple neutral colored outfit with it. However to tie in with the gold accents on the purse, I decided to wear these super cool gold loafers from Topshop. These shoes are awesome because it's something kind of unexpected yet very trendy and looks high fashion. Again these shoes gave me total Gucci vibes without the Gucci price tag. You can easily make your look more expensive by just getting some trendier pieces that look similar to high end designer items but for a fraction of the cost.


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