Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

It has finally arrived, the New Year! For most people, a new year means a new start and I believe that as well. Thank you to all of you for supporting me thus far and helping me grow as a blogger. I would not be in the place that I am now without your support and kindness. I hope that not only my blog grows, but that you all grow as well and have many positive impacts in your lives this year. Many people also put out resolutions on how to better themselves this upcoming year. For me, I hope to better my relationships with my friends, better my relationship with God, better my career, and of course better my blog! I would love to hear all of your New Years resolutions as well.

As for my outfit, I had to make sure to dress super shiny and fun to bring in the new year. Many people wear sequins and glitter for the new year and I decided to do my own take on it. As you all know, my blog consists modest outfits for modest fashionistas and I wanted to be able to show you all that you can still wear the sequins and shine without revealing too much. This silver midi skirt from Anthropologie is the perfect fit. It comes in a regular length as well as a petite length. I went with the regular length because it was longer and covered a bit more but if you'd like it to be a bit shorter than you have the option for that as well. Since the skirt was the star of the show, I wanted to keep the top neutral so I went with this plain white mock neck sweater. To add some color, I added these maroon heels, as well as this gorgeous maroon bag from Coach. Again, thank you so much for all of the support from this past year and I hope you all have an amazing new year.


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