Friday, May 26, 2017

Back to The 50's

I have always been one to love classic and vintage dresses. There is something about swing dresses and button down dresses that get me every time. I do find that finding vintage dresses can be a bit hard sometimes because many of them run very big. However, some people have made it easier to find handpicked vintage dresses for all sizes. One of them includes a local boutique in Los Angeles called the Golden Age Vintage. This shop also has an online store which I have linked down below! They sell vintage items including clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. They even sell vintage Chanel and other designers! Since I didn't want the dress to look too vintage, I added some trendier accessories. This straw hat from Target actually had a black bow on it, however I DIY'd it and placed a white bow on top to match my outfit a bit better. For my purse, I decided to use my basket purse since I thought it was the best option to go with this dress. I kept it simple with jewelry and wore my gold watch. As for shoes, I just wore my Zara block heels. I will definitely have more vintage looks to come!


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