Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dancin' in Stripes

Hey gals! I am so sorry for my delayed blog posts. I have just been super busy with work and getting school stuff out of the way which is always a first priority for me. I am back with this super fun post with this gorgeous striped maxi skirt. Before I started blogging, I would look at other bloggers and Youtubers for my fashion inspiration. Ever since I was 13 (almost 22 now) I knew I wanted to create a page dedicated to fashion. However, at the time I was too afraid of what others would think of my page so I never created it. Looking at other bloggers pursuing their passions was what really drove me to finally create my own. To this day I am still always looking for new bloggers to follow and get inspiration from and one that I stumbled upon a few months ago is Julia Engel who is the owner of She is the definition of a classy yet stylish gal!

I stumbled upon a post of her wearing a very similar skirt to the one I'm wearing here. I was instantly inspired by this look because I am a modest blogger and maxi skirts have become my best friend over the years. I could not find a similar skirt to the one she was wearing online so I turned to Poshmark. Poshmark is a reselling website where you can sell your lightly used clothing, shoes and accessories. I decided to search up "striped maxi skirt" and to my surprise, this one popped up! It is a great place to find some good dupes for pieces that may be a bit more unique.

I styled my outfit with some very simple pieces so that the skirt would be stand out more. I wore this cute ruffled tee shirt and a fun straw hat and bag to make the outfit a bit more summery. (not sure if that's a word but we'll go with it). My great friend Clayton took these awesome photos and he actually has a clothing brand called Bold Apex which you should definitely check out by clicking here! I hope you guys love this look!







  1. I love this outfit! Your skirt is to die for. I'm always looking for new bloggers to follow too! You should totally consider writing a post listing like twenty five​ of your favorite bloggers to read or something like that! I have been in desperate need of some new Wordpress ladies to follow!

  2. Thanks girly!! That would be such a fun post to do! I will definitely keep that one in mind for a future post :)


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