Monday, August 21, 2017

Farm Gal?

So, my best friend and I decided to try out this sunflower farm that's about an hour drive away from us. We're done getting ready and we're ready to go. We're having a blast driving there and listening to some good music. We see some beautiful sceneries and think about what other activities the farm could have because we definitely wanted to be able to go flower picking and of course take some cute photos. My friend decides to look up the farm and low and behold the sunflowers are out of bloom?! It was about an hour drive to this place and all we could do was laugh at ourselves but it was all in good fun. We ended up driving around the area to see if there was any place else we could go and we found this random corn stock on the side of the road and thought, what the heck let's just take some photos here!
For my outfit, I wanted to go for some bright colors because the weather was amazing this day. I decided to wear this gorgeous dress from & Other Stories. I actually stumbled upon this dress around the Spring time but it was a bit too expensive for me to purchase at the moment. So I decided to wait and it was definitely worth it. The dress ended up going on sale from $125 to $60! A little over 50% off so it was definitely a great bargain. This dress is especially nice for girls who like to dress a bit more modest because it covers the legs and arms, but in a very flattering way.
As for styling this dress, I went for a bit of a Parisian look with a straw hat and straw bag. I kept it simple with my shoes and accessories and went for my gold watch and some dainty rings. It was definitely a fun and adventurous day!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

White on White

I am currently trying to soak up every last bit of Summer that I can. I only have about 2 weeks left until school starts and I am currently freaking out about it (it's fine everything is totally fine) LOL. I am trying to get my last few Summer outfits in before it starts to chill up here. For today's post, i went for a more simple outfit but made it super colorful with some fun accessories. Since most people can't afford a new outfit all the time, it is very important to have some fun accessories in your closet to amp up an outfit. Here, I wore a simple white blouse and white jeans but my shoes had a ton of color in them. Since I wanted the shoes and other accessories to be the statement, wearing this plain color made them stand out. Think of your clothing as the blank canvas and your accessories as the fun paint!

I purchased these particular shoes from Aldo and I felt they were the perfect sandal for Summer because of the palm leaf print. Statement shoes has been everywhere this past year and they have become super affordable as well. These ones are actually currently on sale for $15, what a steal! This pom pom straw clutch has been seen everywhere in the blogger community lately and thankfully many stores have come out with awesome duplicates. As for my earrings, you all know I love my tassel earrings and I felt this was the perfect pair to go with my outfit since it has the green tassels that go perfectly with my sandals.

Since Summer is coming to an end, I would love for you all to let me know if I should do a small to school series on my blog featuring some outfit ideas for back to school.

These amazing photos were taken by my great friend Clayton who also has a great clothing company called Bold Apex and you can check it out by clicking here!

  • Shirt: Shein

  • Jeans: Madewell ($20 off when you bring in an old pair of jeans)

  • Earrings: Francesca's (similar and cuter!)

  • Watch: Vintage

  • Clutch: Here is a great dupe!

  • Shoes: Aldo (on major sale!)


Monday, August 14, 2017

A Fall Transition

Summer is coming to an end (unfortunately) and now it is almost time for Fall! Fall and Spring are actually my all time favorite seasons because of the beautiful scenery and weather they have to offer. Fall transition pieces can be a bit confusing and annoying due to the in between seasons weather. However, you can find some cute pieces and easily layer them to make them transition appropriate. That is what I decided to do with this gorgeous dress.
Dusty pink colors are always a staple color for the Fall and Spring. Just like army green, it is the perfect basic neutral color in anyone's wardrobe. I decided to dress up this pink dress by adding white jeans and my trusty nude block heels. Since the dress is a little above the knees, layering it was the right way to go. This will also keep you a bit warmer during the Fall months. I also added my favorite pieces from the new Fall collection at Kendra Scott to finish off the look!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

KS Fall 2017

Hey guys! As most of you know, I work at Kendra Scott which is an awesome fashion jewelry store. I've been working here for about 2 years now and I love it. For every new collection, we're required to wear stylish outfits to show off the new jewelry. Wait, a job that encourages you to dress cute and take outfit pictures? Heck yes! That's why I love Kendra because I'm able to show off my personal style and also wear cute jewelry. We just came out with our new amazing Fall collection and I am loving every bit of it. The collection is inspired by the Italian Renaissance and I have been obsessed with European styles lately.
I decided to wear a wrap dress because I felt it was very feminine and had the ruffles at the hem. Ruffles were very popular during the Renaissance and they haven't really left us since then. The floral design definitely gives the dress an Italian feel because of all the beautiful landscapes in Italy itself. To accessorize, I wore these gorgeous burgundy pieces from our new collection and my trusty floppy hat and lace up sandals. I hope you all feel the Italian vibes too!
All photos were taken by my gorgeous coworker and friend Shelley Kendall. You can click here to check out her awesome website!

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