Friday, September 15, 2017

A Floral Bliss

OMG, I have been gone for way too long guys and I am so sorry about it. I have just started my first semester at a new college and it has been crazy hectic. School and work do have to be my first priorities which unfortunately can cause me to slack in my blogging. However, I am so excited to let you guys now that I have gotten a new camera and lens which will significantly improve my photos which is a big step for me! I want my viewers to be able to enjoy my content as well as offer a more professional platform to you all.

I am oh so excited to be back for a couple of new blog posts as well as to begin transitioning into my Fall wardrobe. It has actually been pretty hot here in the Northern Virginia area for the past few days which hasn't allowed me to bring out my fun Fall pieces much, so I decided to bring out this new floral dress. You all know my love for all things floral and this dress was just perfect. It is modest, yet super stylish and comfortable as well which is always a plus! I decided to go for a classy look with this outfit so I put on these black block heeled sandals which really elongate the legs. As for accessories, I always go for a fun tassel earring whenever I can and these white one's matched perfectly. For my purse, I wanted to tie in the black details in the dress so I went with my trusty Tory Burch purse. This outfit is great for a date night or even a formal event!


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