Saturday, October 7, 2017

Too Hot (Outside) For Fall

Okay, I have no idea what is up with the weather here in the Washington DC area but it was 85 degrees yesterday! We are all ready for Fall now dang-it! (inserts crying emoji). Okay but seriously, hopefully this weather cools down soon so that I can start wearing more fun looks for you guys. As for today's outfit, I did try to incorporate some Fall colors into my look and thankfully I wasn't dying from the heat (kind of). Mustard yellow is always a go to color for this season and it's strange because I was never much of a yellow person up until this year. However I have been seeing it everywhere since the Summer season and I think it's such a fun pop of color. I also found these fun floral pants to go with the shirt because the yellow flowers tied in really well with the look. These pants are a great transitional item to have because they are airy enough for the warmer days of the season but you can also pair them with a sweater and some flats for the cooler months.

I have been seeing slingback heels just about everywhere lately and I happened to find an amazing pair at my local thrift store for about $10! These shoes have been running for $100 and up in the market so I was very excited about this find. I thought these shoes went perfectly with the pants and they dressed up the outfit very nicely. As for my bag, there was already so much color going on so I wanted to make sure to wear a more neutral color for this. And to make the look more "Fall" (lol) I decided to wear a dark red lip. I thought it contrasted perfectly with the sweater and it went well with the red flowers in the pants. Guys, lip colors are an amazing accessory with your outfit too so never be afraid to try out new colors! I hope you all love this look!


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