Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Black Duster

Duster coats are a great staple piece for layering in your wardrobe. They come in so many different colors and automatically make your look more sophisticated and classy. The best part is that you can find these dusters just about anywhere! The prices can range anywhere from $20 to $200 depending on your taste, and of course your budget as well. My duster coat in particular is from Topshop, however I purchased it during their buy one get one free sale last year. Because of that, this duster ended up being only about $15 which is such a steal especially for a store like Topshop. I will say, these coats are definitely not meant for colder weather so I would recommend you wearing them when temps wear down or wear a coat on top to stay warm.

Because this duster in particular is such a basic color, I was able to have a lot of fun picking out the accessories I chose to wear with it. These shoes from Betsey Johnson are the perfect statement piece for any look. They can be easily dressed up as well by wearing a black or maroon colored dress, or a blouse with some nice dress pants. Velvet has been all the rage this past season. I chose to pick up this gorgeous velvet bag from Primark for only $12! It's such a great way to make any outfit trendier, yet sophisticated.

These photos were taken by one of my friends Paola Torrico. You can check out her AMAZING blog by clicking here!


IMG_0117 2

IMG_0130 2

IMG_0126-2 2

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