Monday, February 19, 2018

Polka Dot Pants!

Hello fellow fashionistas! Long time, no post. This semester has been crazy busy for me as I am going to school full time, doing an internship, as well as working part time (and trying to maintain a social life in between). Because of this, I have barely had much time to do what I love, which is being able to create new content for you guys! My posts will definitely be less frequent during the rest of this semester as well, unfortunately. But I was able to put some time in to do a fun shoot with my friend Helena featuring these fun polka dot pants. I am a sucker for anything printed or patterned and I have been trying to get more into patterned pants. These ones are from Forever 21 and they were $20 which I thought was a great deal for a pair of fun pants. Since the weather is finally starting to get a bit warmer here in the Washington DC area, I thought this outfit was the perfect transition look from the Winter to the Spring season.

Since the pants are pretty airy themselves, I decided to pair a cream colored sweater on top to stay warm. I purchased this sweater from Forever 21 last year and I wear it with absolutely everything. I definitely recommend everyone to have some basic colored tops and sweaters in their wardrobe because you can create so may looks from them. To create a bit of an edgier vibe for the pants, I decided to wear my black faux fur purse. I purchased this bag not thinking I would wear it much, but I wear it with so many different items and it adds such a fun texture to any outfit. And of course, I had to wear my trusty cabby hat/baker boy hat/whatever hat you'd like to call it LOL. This hat just gives a fun vibe to all of my looks and that is what I'm always trying to go for!

As for the location, my friend Helena and I actually found a cool apartment complex area that had a slight urban feel to it, which is a bit hard to find right outside of DC. We felt the orange colored walls in the background went perfectly with the look and overall, it was just a fun shoot!

Please make sure to check out Helena's website by clicking here, and if you ever need a photographer in the DC area, make sure to contact her!








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