Sunday, April 21, 2019

Finding the Modest Maxi

Once it turns 70 degrees, all I wear are flowy pants, skirts, and dresses! Maxi dresses are a modest girl's go-to look when they want to dress up but aren't quite sure what exactly to wear. The only thing about maxi dresses are where to find them. Places like Forever 21 have the occasional nice maxi dress but most of the time, you'll find their dresses to have slits or be see through. If you do end up finding a maxi dress, many times it turns out to be super expensive. However, I've found one store that has some gorgeous modest maxi dresses that don't end up costing you an arm and a leg!

I had no idea what the store Altar'd State was until it opened up in my local mall. Now don't get me wrong, this store can still be a bit expensive but since they are a Christian based company, they are big on modest clothing which is also perfect for us Muslim gals! I would suggest first browsing through their sale section because those are going to be the more reasonably priced items in the store. I ended up finding this maxi dress that I'm wearing for today's post on sale for $25! I love the simple, yet colorful pattern on the dress. You can easily dress this up or down depending on what look you're going for. 

I of course went a bit more casual and bohemian with this outfit. But I would easily dress it up by ditching the hat, putting on some dressy statement earrings, and opt for my nude block heeled sandals instead. This dress was perfect for the warm weather weekend here in the D.C. area and I'm so glad that i've found a new place to shop for some more modest dresses. Another store that I've noticed has been amping up their dress collection is Francesca's. They are a bit more on the affordable side and always have sales going on in their stores. Let me know if you've found any great dress stores in your area!


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