Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Host the Perfect Bridal Shower!

This past weekend, I had the chance to help host a bridal shower for my best friend, Imaan! As fun as it was to help create this bridal shower, it was also pretty stressful when it came to planning and budgeting for it. If you are planning a bridal shower soon, Etsy, Walmart and Amazon will be your best friends! This is where we ended up finding the most budget friendly items which still looked super elegant at the same time. We first started off with a theme which was decided to be a rustic theme with rose gold accents. We decided to book a local community center which ended up being in our budget once we split the costs. Tables and chairs were provided in the community center which was perfect for us.

As for decorations, we first started off with the big decorations such as creating a grass wall backdrop as well as coming up with a good table setup. The grass wall backdrop was actually much more simple to set up than I thought it would have been. Imaan had purchased the grass backdrop from Target and in order to make sure that the backdrop would stand up straight, I attached wood boards to the back of it which I purchased from Home Depot. I attached these boards using a staple gun and it was quite easy to put it together! We wanted to have Imaan's and her fiance's initials on the backdrop and I purchased these gorgeous initials on Etsy from a seller named ThePinkToolBox. These letters were not pre-painted and so I purchased from rose gold spray paint from Amazon that did the trick. The candles on the backdrop are from Amazon and the balloons above the backdrop are from Etsy and Party Depot which our friend Qurratulain attached together to create this cute bouquet of balloons.

For the table setup, we wanted it to solely be a dessert table so we kept it simple with the cake, a donut tray, and some cute easy to make mocktails. As for the tablecloth, this was purchased from Amazon. This beautiful floral cake from ordered from Whole Foods and was only $40 to create. All I did was show them a photo of what I wanted and it was able to be done! The donuts were from Krispy Kreme and the macaroons were from Costco. Our friend Qurratulain made small dessert cups which consisted of custard and berries.

As for the setup for all of the guests, we welcomed them in with a welcome sign which was purchased from Etsy. For the tables, I purchased cream table clothes from Walmart and these faux blush pink rose petals from Amazon for a very inexpensive price. In the midst of all the chaos, we had almost forgot to purchase utensils, cups and napkins! Obviously this was an easy fix and we just went to Walmart to purchase the essentials, as well as water and soda for the food. We catered from a local restaurant in the area and we kept it simple with some pizza and subs but of course based on your bridal shower, you can totally alter this to be whatever you want. For music, Imaan had her own bluetooth speaker and I would suggest it be best to ask one of your friends or acquaintances to borrow a speaker for that day so that you don't have to.

Now this is just the basics of how to make sure to host a great bridal shower but you can always add or subtract more to your own. I hope this was helpful for you all!


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